I would seriously question the sincerity of the establishment and please read through this. https://www.theindependent.co.zw/2019/07/12/govt-splurges-on-luxury-cars/https: As a finance student, I have often found the Minister of finance’s position on austerity in order to repay Zimbabwe’s outstanding International debt as a priority first step compelling. This wougive us enough credibility to re-engage the soverign bond market and borrow enough capital to jump start the country.

However this austerity now for future austerity is undermined buy the purchase of Luxury cars for Ministers and encompasing the lowest rank MP’s with a USD$40000 car allowanc. Given we have 350 MPS over 40 Ministers, ZACC, Peace commition and many other commitees that stand to milk this.

It is my fear that this remitance of funds is a political move and no development minister would sanction such a move. With all due respect the man is more educated then myself I would like to assume his hands are tied.

Previous evidence of such purchases is that of chiefs and traditional leaders within rural areas who were bought vehicles prior to the August Elections. https://allafrica.com/stories/201808280195.html I may explore this further in a future blog on the dirty tricks used in rigging elections.

This only goes to show the indifference the ruling elite have to the plight of the ordinary citizen. The country has services that are in critical condition, let me start with healthcare sector that can bring any person who has seen relatives within it to tears. https://www.apnews.com/49adc4d9062d446ba364da89d4771f7f with this sector being described as on it’s knees and scenes more fitting in a horror movie than a hospital. I would think that the first break in the goverments austerity policy would come in the form of an immediate rescue in the state of hospitals in the country and availability of medicines.

In short our healthcare system is atrocious and I don’t say this to put my country down but rather to express the sad state and urgent reform required to alleviate the living conditions of the ordinary citizens.

That being said, I do understand the disconnect as any person with means is quick to seek medicines abroad, seek treatment abroad and those withough as stated in the article are sent else where for a more suitable place to die.

The opportunity cost of those funds is great those funds surely could’ve been better used enhancing our education system as the frequency of teacher’s union strikes is increasing https://www.zimbabwesituation.com/news/civil-servants-reject-78-salary-increment/ my argument is that surely these fund could be better used increasing the salaries of teachers to a level that moves them from survival mode to at least stability.

On a democratic note I find it suspiscious that the government would never present such an action as a motion and give the people an opportunity to express thier will the form of a referendum maybe. Rather the government makes decisions it deem to be in the people’s best interersts. Honestly it is an abuse of our rights and it must come to an end, as Mr Sikhala says. But he doesn’t go far enough was must ensure that no future governments are put in aposition to ever abuse our rights to the extreme extents ever again!!

These are just two sectors I feel the funds in question would’ve better served the country, and why the public view the ruling party as selfish. This is why I feel the sentiments are a more widely held view than people would dare to acknowledge publicly. Also this is just a small insight into the anger that myself and other members express when we meet government officials at Chatham house and other ocassion we protest because we know a better way!!!

Zimbabwe deserves so much more, it deserves the ture freedom and standard of life our liberation heroes fought for so long ago

Published by Eugene Chitambo

Former finance student Born free Zimbabwean!!

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