Having been an advocate for human rights and Zimbabwe and a great believer of a peaceful way forward for my country. I have come to the realization now that none of this will work.

An illegitimate junta cannot be removed by democratic means, to even think that this can be sois asinine and wishful thinking, it is fanciful fairytale imagination. Peaceful regime change in Zimbabwe, barring and needing, divine intervention, will not happen. The time has come for my generation to do exactly what the generation of Chiwenga, Mnangagwa et al did when they left their lives to go and take up arms against the oppressive regime that was the Rhodesian government.. The oppressive regime today is an oppressive military junta that has turned from liberators to oppressors…I hereby put my name and life forward in favour of the assassination an overthrow of Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and his blood thirsty accomplices in the form of Constatino Chiwenga, Perrence Shiri, Sibusiso Moyo and all those at the centre of power in the Zanu PF cabal.

The murderous government of Zimbabwe has proven itself to be a brutal , unapologetic and unsubtle killing machine, people are abducted in the dead of night and killed or they are abducted in broad daylight under the guise of silly laws purporting to prevent and punish treason .After that they languish on remand indefinitely under the most inhumane conditions , stripped of rights that’s the constitution pretends to avail to anyone and everyone within the borders of the country. Treason is a charge that is too readily thrown about in Zimbabwe and it has been effectively ( and selectively ) used againt any dissenters to deprive  them of life and liberty .

I am calling for the overthrow of the  Zanu PF led govt, and believe the Zimbabwean diaspora has the capacity , financially and otherwise to support and realize the speedy removal of the Govt. I propose to start a fund or effort to mobilise  an effective MDC militia that will reign in and challenge the Army of Zimbabwe .

I also propose for our many brothers and sisters in the army and police who serve only because they would otherwise starve, I implore my brothers and sisters in the armed forces to turn their weapons on the criminals who lead you … Its time for a change , a real change. Nelson Chamisa will make a worthier and nobler Commander in Chief who shall oversee the burial or trial of the present criminals in charge. Peace and change in Zimbabwe are mutually exclusive right now, these killers have got to go.

I declare my solidarity with Job Sikhala and repeat his call for the overthrow of the government, all patriots in the diaspora have been funding the government with our remittances to Zimbabwe and it is ironic that we haven’t realized or accepted that we can use same financial power to remove the government by any means as soon as we want .

I now stand as a patriot liable to arrest and execution because of the draconian and unjust laws of Zimbabwe, so be it . I am prepared to set up and coordinate the funding for the training and resources for an insurgency to overthrow the government of Zimbabwe as it stands. We need to organize funds to sponsor retaliation against the states attack on our stay aways and demonstrations which do not need to be peaceful, violence against an illegitimate government can be very effective.. it is exactly what we need .It will cost less than we may think to put a bullet in the  illegitimate one’s head.

Published by Eugene Chitambo

Former finance student Born free Zimbabwean!!

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