Why our protests have inevitably been fruitless. Its Jhecha time.

Our protest have not been strategically placed, by contrasting with our Eastern counterparts who have shut down the airports. They have played a decisive hand in ensuring their demands are met. Although the war is not won this is a good battle..

Longevity, has been the problem in Zimbabwe, we tend to protest for a day and then return to business as usual within a day or two.

Hit them where it hurts, we need to organise protests on tollgates on V. A. T and such taxes. I assure you nothing affects an individual harder than their pocket. As the government has toyed with the livelihoods and salaries of the people for too long. We must seek financial means of protest as one of the biggest sources of government revenue we must use all the resources at our disposal. And this is an key and definitive tool to dealing a dsathblow to the current regime.

Prolonged protests would add pressure to a government claiming to be open to business. Leading them to make mistakes and draw more and more international scrutiny.

Our hand, in this poker game we must realise it is not in Sadc’s interest to have a destabilised Zimbabwe and the implications this has on the region. They showed this during the coup, this would make them nervous as it sets a precident in the region.

I must also accuse high profile political people and high profile Zimbabweans. If Nelson Chamisa, Nkosana Moyo, strive Masiyiwa were in the front lines of a protest I assure you the government would not be in a position to open fire as this would have dire implications.

Julius Cesar was a heroic roman General and fought and shared many of the hardships his soldiers faced and could be found in the midst of battle raising morale. Napoleon Bonaparte, another iconic leader was not one to shy aways from the midst of battle. I implore public figures to join the common man in these demonstration showing a truly united front that would usher in change. Anything less will endup becoming disorganised and half-hearted.

This is a unique opportunity, 16 August 2019, for us the HOI Polloi to seize our own destiny.

We all struggle together and suffer together, I call for a full on people’s revolution. This is the only way that Zimbabwe can ever truly change.

We are dealing with a draconian even mideval government so we require more drastic measure to topple them.

Published by Eugene Chitambo

Former finance student Born free Zimbabwean!!

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