The day of reckoning is almost upon us, and to add insult to injury. The regime has again showed just what a captured state we are. Through the above statement from the police a front for the army.

I ask the simple question are there enough jail cells for a whole country?

Pensions have been eroded….

Business’ debts owed in USD$ by the government have been eroded by converting these to the new currency. At an unreasonable rate.

Salaries have been eroded, when compared to the usd$ equivalents that were enjoyed not so long ago..

Salaries have been eroded once again no concerted effort has been made by government to curb rampant inflation.

Economic and political refugees world wide and broken homes….

Murder and abductions are so common place we are numb to it….

Parastatals are corrupt and increasing the prices for these services, the increased toll gate prices. When rampant corruption is yet to be addressed in any meaningful way…

No… It is upto us the HOI Polloi to bring about the change that bring all the criminals of the past and present dispensation to count.

As a nation we have been through a lot, and tomorrow hallmarks an occasion that we can truly commence a healing process. That is vital for our nation to progress.

Published by Eugene Chitambo

Former finance student Born free Zimbabwean!!

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