An assault on one of us an assault on all

Uh The recent increase in abductions of activists and anyone he will speak up against the regime shows just how regressive the government is. What we must do is unite and, cease all rhetoric or feelings of individualism, the abusing of any Zimbabweans rights is an abuse on all of us. The protests are an […]

Commrades let us be found on the right side of history!!

The ideals of civilisations to strive for democracy is not a new one!! The third Republic is close for Zimbabwe.. In the 2017 coup/not coup the army, war veterans and politicians played their hand and played it well and used the unsuspecting public. The call to action on 16 August is another signal of a […]

The will of the people is the will of GOD

I would seriously question the sincerity of the establishment and please read through this. As a finance student, I have often found the Minister of finance’s position on austerity in order to repay Zimbabwe’s outstanding International debt as a priority first step compelling. This wougive us enough credibility to re-engage the soverign bond market […]

£3 billion Lost Command agriculture allocation

Now in my last post I touched on the Governments Incompetence and in this news article being slightly less government affiliated than the herlad we have today’s issue. ( In any civilised society gross incompetence of this scale would lead to resignations, and to make it worse the current president has assured citizens that heads […]

The last quicks of a dying horse Job Sikhala Arrest

To fully understand how brash and anxious this governmemnt is I would like to introduce a scenario. The setting is just after independence and the first black government is touted to fail by the former regime, for two reasons. Firstly as I have learnt is that in business or in governing there is a learning […]

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