The will of the people is the will of GOD

I would seriously question the sincerity of the establishment and please read through this. https://www.theindependent.co.zw/2019/07/12/govt-splurges-on-luxury-cars/https: As a finance student, I have often found the Minister of finance’s position on austerity in order to repay Zimbabwe’s outstanding International debt as a priority first step compelling. This wougive us enough credibility to re-engage the soverign bond market and borrow enough capital to jump start the country.

However this austerity now for future austerity is undermined buy the purchase of Luxury cars for Ministers and encompasing the lowest rank MP’s with a USD$40000 car allowanc. Given we have 350 MPS over 40 Ministers, ZACC, Peace commition and many other commitees that stand to milk this.

It is my fear that this remitance of funds is a political move and no development minister would sanction such a move. With all due respect the man is more educated then myself I would like to assume his hands are tied.

Previous evidence of such purchases is that of chiefs and traditional leaders within rural areas who were bought vehicles prior to the August Elections. https://allafrica.com/stories/201808280195.html I may explore this further in a future blog on the dirty tricks used in rigging elections.

This only goes to show the indifference the ruling elite have to the plight of the ordinary citizen. The country has services that are in critical condition, let me start with healthcare sector that can bring any person who has seen relatives within it to tears. https://www.apnews.com/49adc4d9062d446ba364da89d4771f7f with this sector being described as on it’s knees and scenes more fitting in a horror movie than a hospital. I would think that the first break in the goverments austerity policy would come in the form of an immediate rescue in the state of hospitals in the country and availability of medicines.

In short our healthcare system is atrocious and I don’t say this to put my country down but rather to express the sad state and urgent reform required to alleviate the living conditions of the ordinary citizens.

That being said, I do understand the disconnect as any person with means is quick to seek medicines abroad, seek treatment abroad and those withough as stated in the article are sent else where for a more suitable place to die.

The opportunity cost of those funds is great those funds surely could’ve been better used enhancing our education system as the frequency of teacher’s union strikes is increasing https://www.zimbabwesituation.com/news/civil-servants-reject-78-salary-increment/ my argument is that surely these fund could be better used increasing the salaries of teachers to a level that moves them from survival mode to at least stability.

On a democratic note I find it suspiscious that the government would never present such an action as a motion and give the people an opportunity to express thier will the form of a referendum maybe. Rather the government makes decisions it deem to be in the people’s best interersts. Honestly it is an abuse of our rights and it must come to an end, as Mr Sikhala says. But he doesn’t go far enough was must ensure that no future governments are put in aposition to ever abuse our rights to the extreme extents ever again!!

These are just two sectors I feel the funds in question would’ve better served the country, and why the public view the ruling party as selfish. This is why I feel the sentiments are a more widely held view than people would dare to acknowledge publicly. Also this is just a small insight into the anger that myself and other members express when we meet government officials at Chatham house and other ocassion we protest because we know a better way!!!

Zimbabwe deserves so much more, it deserves the ture freedom and standard of life our liberation heroes fought for so long ago

The last kicks of a dying horse….

The day of reckoning is almost upon us, and to add insult to injury. The regime has again showed just what a captured state we are. Through the above statement from the police a front for the army.

I ask the simple question are there enough jail cells for a whole country?

Pensions have been eroded….

Business’ debts owed in USD$ by the government have been eroded by converting these to the new currency. At an unreasonable rate.

Salaries have been eroded, when compared to the usd$ equivalents that were enjoyed not so long ago..

Salaries have been eroded once again no concerted effort has been made by government to curb rampant inflation.

Economic and political refugees world wide and broken homes….

Murder and abductions are so common place we are numb to it….

Parastatals are corrupt and increasing the prices for these services, the increased toll gate prices. When rampant corruption is yet to be addressed in any meaningful way…

No… It is upto us the HOI Polloi to bring about the change that bring all the criminals of the past and present dispensation to count.

As a nation we have been through a lot, and tomorrow hallmarks an occasion that we can truly commence a healing process. That is vital for our nation to progress.

An assault on one of us an assault on all


The recent increase in abductions of activists and anyone he will speak up against the regime shows just how regressive the government is.

What we must do is unite and, cease all rhetoric or feelings of individualism, the abusing of any Zimbabweans rights is an abuse on all of us.

The protests are an essential tool to showcase our displeasure at the ruling party and government. If done correctly we can topple it and finally achieve levels of deceny and standard of living that our forefathers fought for.

We are not yet truly free but by overthrowing this government we can be!!


Look to the East!!!!

Why our protests have inevitably been fruitless. Its Jhecha time.

Our protest have not been strategically placed, by contrasting with our Eastern counterparts who have shut down the airports. They have played a decisive hand in ensuring their demands are met. Although the war is not won this is a good battle..

Longevity, has been the problem in Zimbabwe, we tend to protest for a day and then return to business as usual within a day or two.

Hit them where it hurts, we need to organise protests on tollgates on V. A. T and such taxes. I assure you nothing affects an individual harder than their pocket. As the government has toyed with the livelihoods and salaries of the people for too long. We must seek financial means of protest as one of the biggest sources of government revenue we must use all the resources at our disposal. And this is an key and definitive tool to dealing a dsathblow to the current regime.

Prolonged protests would add pressure to a government claiming to be open to business. Leading them to make mistakes and draw more and more international scrutiny.

Our hand, in this poker game we must realise it is not in Sadc’s interest to have a destabilised Zimbabwe and the implications this has on the region. They showed this during the coup, this would make them nervous as it sets a precident in the region.

I must also accuse high profile political people and high profile Zimbabweans. If Nelson Chamisa, Nkosana Moyo, strive Masiyiwa were in the front lines of a protest I assure you the government would not be in a position to open fire as this would have dire implications.

Julius Cesar was a heroic roman General and fought and shared many of the hardships his soldiers faced and could be found in the midst of battle raising morale. Napoleon Bonaparte, another iconic leader was not one to shy aways from the midst of battle. I implore public figures to join the common man in these demonstration showing a truly united front that would usher in change. Anything less will endup becoming disorganised and half-hearted.

This is a unique opportunity, 16 August 2019, for us the HOI Polloi to seize our own destiny.

We all struggle together and suffer together, I call for a full on people’s revolution. This is the only way that Zimbabwe can ever truly change.

We are dealing with a draconian even mideval government so we require more drastic measure to topple them.

Commrades let us be found on the right side of history!!

The ideals of civilisations to strive for democracy is not a new one!! The third Republic is close for Zimbabwe..

In the 2017 coup/not coup the army, war veterans and politicians played their hand and played it well and used the unsuspecting public.

The call to action on 16 August is another signal of a change in times.. We must be bold and pressure the current regime and make it untenable. The deluded view of the political elite that they can ignore the plight of the HOI Polloi could end within the next two weeks.

In order to achieve this we must hold our nerve as they are likely to call our bluff. However how many of us are dispersed across the world in search of opportunity. How many broken homes and untimely deaths due to the horrific state of our health sector. We the Zimbabwean Human rights organisation showed our hand in London.

I urge all Zimbabweans from civil service and even the executive Army and police to stand as one people and guide our nation into a new age.

All the corruption, mismanagement could end in the next two weeks, I urge all Zimbabweans to stand as one and topple the already shaky regime.

The time is now…

These Laws be damned

Having been an advocate for human rights and Zimbabwe and a great believer of a peaceful way forward for my country. I have come to the realization now that none of this will work.

An illegitimate junta cannot be removed by democratic means, to even think that this can be sois asinine and wishful thinking, it is fanciful fairytale imagination. Peaceful regime change in Zimbabwe, barring and needing, divine intervention, will not happen. The time has come for my generation to do exactly what the generation of Chiwenga, Mnangagwa et al did when they left their lives to go and take up arms against the oppressive regime that was the Rhodesian government.. The oppressive regime today is an oppressive military junta that has turned from liberators to oppressors…I hereby put my name and life forward in favour of the assassination an overthrow of Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and his blood thirsty accomplices in the form of Constatino Chiwenga, Perrence Shiri, Sibusiso Moyo and all those at the centre of power in the Zanu PF cabal.

The murderous government of Zimbabwe has proven itself to be a brutal , unapologetic and unsubtle killing machine, people are abducted in the dead of night and killed or they are abducted in broad daylight under the guise of silly laws purporting to prevent and punish treason .After that they languish on remand indefinitely under the most inhumane conditions , stripped of rights that’s the constitution pretends to avail to anyone and everyone within the borders of the country. Treason is a charge that is too readily thrown about in Zimbabwe and it has been effectively ( and selectively ) used againt any dissenters to deprive  them of life and liberty .

I am calling for the overthrow of the  Zanu PF led govt, and believe the Zimbabwean diaspora has the capacity , financially and otherwise to support and realize the speedy removal of the Govt. I propose to start a fund or effort to mobilise  an effective MDC militia that will reign in and challenge the Army of Zimbabwe .

I also propose for our many brothers and sisters in the army and police who serve only because they would otherwise starve, I implore my brothers and sisters in the armed forces to turn their weapons on the criminals who lead you … Its time for a change , a real change. Nelson Chamisa will make a worthier and nobler Commander in Chief who shall oversee the burial or trial of the present criminals in charge. Peace and change in Zimbabwe are mutually exclusive right now, these killers have got to go.

I declare my solidarity with Job Sikhala and repeat his call for the overthrow of the government, all patriots in the diaspora have been funding the government with our remittances to Zimbabwe and it is ironic that we haven’t realized or accepted that we can use same financial power to remove the government by any means as soon as we want .

I now stand as a patriot liable to arrest and execution because of the draconian and unjust laws of Zimbabwe, so be it . I am prepared to set up and coordinate the funding for the training and resources for an insurgency to overthrow the government of Zimbabwe as it stands. We need to organize funds to sponsor retaliation against the states attack on our stay aways and demonstrations which do not need to be peaceful, violence against an illegitimate government can be very effective.. it is exactly what we need .It will cost less than we may think to put a bullet in the  illegitimate one’s head.

Rise of the HOI POLLOI (endgame)

From the preindependce era, to the Robert Mugabe era, to the second republic under the Crocodile the one similar trait is that the head hucho has been a despot and a tyrant. Forcing down rhetoric and ideologies down the peoples throats and indoctrinating the people.

Ian Smith ” Let me say it again. I don’t believe in black majority rule ever in Rhodesia—not in a thousand years. I repeat that I believe in blacks and whites working together. If one day it is white and the next day it is black, I believe we have failed and it will be a disaster for Rhodesia.” Black Majority soon followed!!!

Robert Mugabe “Only God, who appointed me, will remove me – not the MDC, not the British. Only God will remove me!” – Election rally, 2008. MDC is an opposition party. Robert Mugabe ” Eventually deposed by coup!!!!

Mnangagwa ” Zanu-PF is a sacred party. It will rule and rule. Those barking will continue doing that while Zanu-PF remains in power. ” We the progressives and future generations of Zimbabweans are not barking but picturing a brighter and more progressive country!!!!

The country today is more divided than it ever has been, and I urge readers to look globally and see this phenomenon is not exclusively a Zimbabwean Condition. Europe is quite polarised between the progressives and far right. America is also quite polarised and to what extent in my opinion was magnified by the elction of Trump.

My argument is this in the Zimbabwean context politics has divided us the people like opposing football fans of fierce rivalries. I would equate us to Roma and Lazio, I have gained this view from interactions online that have illustrated to me that great levels of resentment are harbouring on both sides of us the citizenry based on where our allegiances lie. The funny thing is regardless of where our allegiances lie we common folk get the hard end of the stick every time, we must regain our power, I will elaborate further but afte 2008 and inflation is back we are goin in Circles…. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jul/21/millions-face-hardship-as-zimbabwe-comes-close-to-meltdown?CMP=share_btn_tw

The problem has come from the two things above, us getting to emotionally involved with rhetoric that individual politicians have put before us. Politicians are no fools and not only understand the nature of their audience but exploit it. For Example Mdc and Zanu supporters may literally hate each other, but the politicians do not they are just going about there business. I do not believe to any extent that Nelson Chamisa and Emmerson Mnangagwa have a deep rooted hatred for each other so why should we the citenzry?

On the 14th November 2017 We, the HOI POLLOI, were used in a political chess game, this coup had nothing to do with the needs or wants of the ordinary man but rather it was an internal power struggle. We celebrated took selfies with tanks and believd we had been truly liberated from a Tyrant. The millitary simply used us and our selfies to achieve a gambit with which to plead deniablity if repreoached by the international community. In 2 months and some change it will spark 2 years since this gloryious and celebrated event and yet do you fell any more liberated, financially or even your rights have you been truly emancipated? No!!

However It is my firm belief that the current regime made one mistake that was to give the people hope, and that is a powerfull thing. The livelyhood of the average person has again been stretched, I feel whatever you allegiences we are all tired of the ruling party’s mismanagement, our frustration is setting in motion a pressure cooker in the country. The government can no longer act with impunity as we had our first glimmer of real freedom at the coup.

Given that this government came to power through a coup, and claimed legitamacy through a rather dubious election, which is nothing new to us by now. I pose this question those who live by the sword die by the sword, in essence that was not the last coup we shall see. The first one set a precedent, once a precedent is set is often reffered to in the future.

To my main point for this blog it is only the unity of us the people that can actually bring really change to the country. For this reason we need to stop being moved by the rhetoric of political factions. In the time of the coup the war veterans came to the table to make their demands heard, The military was at the forfront and clearly expressed its will. My question is this while we the HOI POLLOI were being proteceted byt the soldiers at what point did we express our will. We behaved like sheep at our greatest our.

For these reasons I reiterate we need not be moved by political rhetoric but put pressure on politicians to infact put our will into effect. We need to start to hold these politicians accountable for the promises they put on offer to us the electorate. When ever have we ahd a televised debate in Zimbabwe for Mthuli and Tendai Biti to come on ZBC and explain to us a road map forward for us from which we can choose the most sensible from an outlined plan?

When have we ever had a say on what a suitable allowance is for a ministers vehicle allowance, When have we ever set targets for our local councils that they should meet and if not we vote them out in favour of a more capable candidate. I mean in my experience that is how efficient business’s are run, Ceo’ are put in place with clear targets and if they can’t acheive what owners want they are replaced. Employees of companies if they are incompetent at their work, they are laid of. So we the HOI POLLOI, why do we ignore our power as owners of the country. To remove the unwanted chaff, cut of the weeds and leave what is nice and desireable?

This is very achievable and it starts by setting local area targets that councils must achieve and not compromising, we must start to demand the best again. Rather than to be led all the time. Secondly I believe the ruling party to be clumsy, https://www.newzimbabwe.com/my-life-in-danger-says-ex-zanu-pf-mp/ it will begin to implode from within as the party turns upon itself this gives us an opportunity to capitalise of disgruntled former members of the Junta

on a last note nothing lasts for ever and the time for the style of regimes we have been subjected to is coming to an end but this requires a different and progressive mindset from us the people or else Tinoitiswa again.. All the hatred be it tribal or political are all divisions that politicians understand well and continue to use to weaken us.

II am encouraged by the display at Chatham house by fellow members of the ZHRO and MDC UK but we must now unite as a country and make all poiliticians uncomfortable with going against the will of the people.

Also I encourage us all to start to dream of that ideal Zimbabwe we want because if we can believe in it we can make it. Lastly I believe we must learn from kuitiswa of 17 November 2017, once this great country is liberated we must ensure no ruling party regardless the faction, will ever rape our country ever again. Rember Sikhala didn’t go far enough and true freedom is within reach!!!

£3 billion Lost Command agriculture allocation

Now in my last post I touched on the Governments Incompetence and in this news article being slightly less government affiliated than the herlad we have today’s issue. (https://www.thestandard.co.zw/2019/07/21/mnangagwa-ally-faces-probe-3bn-scandal/)

In any civilised society gross incompetence of this scale would lead to resignations, and to make it worse the current president has assured citizens that heads would roll in matters concerning corruption. This it seems will just fall in the category of many unfullfilled promises from the government and in effect the ruling party.

The fact that such a mistake can happen clearly demonstrates the governments inability to set controls and checks that ensure that such incidents are brought to light quickly. This weakness in our institutions should give us even more concern for the following reasons, if these are the issues that have been brought to our attention. What more the schemes of mass corruption that are more carefully concealed.

Secondly would be scope, this is only one segment that is currently in the spotlight, if readers will recall, the old administration once jokingly splurted out the possibility of diamonds upto the amount of $15 billion. As I recall this was mentioned in a nonchallant tone demonstrating the ruling party’s indifference to the epidemic of corruption in the country.

The main reason for this, and it is easy to percive that top dogs can and have engrained a culture of nepotism in the country and such issues only feed into that culture.

At the end of the day the ultimate loser as usual is me and you the ordinary citizen… The current government must not be supprised that citizens are agreived when ministers import Lamnhorghini suv’s costing over half a million USD. With corruption so rampant it is only second nature for us to be suspiscious.

The second would be the Report by the Aditor General 31 December 2018 report doesn’t cover this years. https://www.sundaymail.co.zw/auditor-generals-report-public-officials-to-face-heat

The scary thing about this report is that irregularities are recported with the procuring process of parastatals these as they have been accumulating have been described as bleeding the nations coffers dry. I again must reiterate the ultimate loss here lieas on the shoulders of the taxpayer as we are inadvertently paying the salaries of these officials to steal from us, making it a double loss. There exsit over 150 government owned enterprises in the country but we don’t have any infrastructure strong enough to regulate them or watchdog to call out malpractices within these oragnisations. For this reason, I can see corruption operating under a veil for the foreseable futue if no serious change are made to how we govern the country.

Our President boasted of expanding an electricity plant to achieve an extra output of 150MW from the Kariba Hydro Electric station from a company called Sinohydro. In Zimbabwe we have learnt to become cautiously opptomistic about announcements from government. In this instance pessimism would’ve been the wise rout and let me ask this question.

Why did we pay USD$533million to expand our electricity plant by 150MW when our Zambian neighbours were able to expand by by 360MW at a cost of USD250million. If the Zambian Government can expand their power plant by double what we can at hal the cost. This is another clear illustration of the inefficiency that is now a defining characteristic of the govrnment under the ruling party. https://www.zimeye.net/2019/07/21/corruption-alert-why-did-zim-get-less-power-for-double-the-money-spend-by-zambia-to-build-power-plant/

My fellow Zimbabweans with this level of inefficiency being just the tip of the iceberg I urge you to consider the proposition of Job Sikhala that the government must be removed as a matter of urgency.

In my opinion a government that obtains power through a coup is ver likey to be removed the same way they sough power!!

The last quicks of a dying horse Job Sikhala Arrest

To fully understand how brash and anxious this governmemnt is I would like to introduce a scenario. The setting is just after independence and the first black government is touted to fail by the former regime, for two reasons.

Firstly as I have learnt is that in business or in governing there is a learning curve, this government was expected to fail relatively quickly and this can be seen by rhetoric expressed by Ian smith during and after that regime ended. Governing is a difficult skill that requires descipline and competence that was assumed to be lacking as many blacks didn’t have education upto tertiary education or have previous experience.

Secondly I belive the Rhodesian regime similar to the belgian withdrawall from Congo had the following rhetoric let the blacks have the government and let us have the companies. This is what firmly leaves me to belive that pre-independence regimes tried to to and in some cases succeded in controlling African countrries maintained their intrests in these countries and had resouces set aside to protect these interests.

(These Ideas are partially derived from a book by Martin Meredith The fortunes of Africa)

Fast forwarding for the sake of progress the paranoia of the first Majority black post-independence government was high for the reasons stated above and never wholly demilitarised. I feel this way because of the structuring of the Joint operations command that currently exists in our country. A instrument of oppression for the Rhodesian government still in use by the government of Zimbabwe today.

This is why I believe the military is so heavily involved in Zambabwean politics and always has been, as no time was ever taken to demilitarise the government. This leads onto my next point that in a real democracy there exists a Separation of powers, however this is not the case in our country. We exist in a state of capture or controll far exceeding that complained of in neighbourimg south Africa.

The arms of Government, firstly the Judiciary are heavily linked and often times have allegiences to the ruling party a clear example of this is the appointing of Judge Loice Matanda as the head of the Anti corruption commision Zacc is a clear conlflict in interest.

Secondly the legislature at often time is applied arbitrarily and often times those linked to the ruling party can easily find loopholes.

Thirdly the executive as priorly mentioned the view that the military is still operating on a wartime mentalit and the ease at which they subverted the police illustrates the weakeness of these institutions and their lack of independence.

With this background in place I must draw attention to the charges on Job Sikhala of subversion. These must be rebuked by the citizens at large regardless of party loyalties for the following reasons. It is a repeat of the same repressive ploicies once used by the pre-indepeennce regime as a tool to maintain power. The charge is applied arbitrarily, members of certain party can easily speak of how they will ”Rakhasha” opposition with no repercussions.

Let us also analyse what was said by Mr Sikhala ; “We are a committed leadership that will give Zanu-PF headaches and (Amos) Chibaya was not lying or joking about the war and fight we are going to take to the doorstep of Emmerson Mnangagwa. We are going to overthrow him before 2023, that is not a joke,” he said.

I find it, to put it lightly hypocritical, that a government that itself obtained power through a coup. Though shrewdly done and I applaud the finesse, why is it such an offence to encourage ordinary citizens that a change of philosophy would be helpful for Zimbabwe.

As I previously expressed about learning curves the ruling party has not drastically changed from independence to date. We seem to have recurring problems such as inflation in the monetary arena, corruption in government and parastatals accompanied with a strong cultue of nepotism. Lastly the violation of human rights in Zimbabwe seem to be a constant theme under the ruling party.

For these reason I would ask is Job Sikhala really wrong or simply expressing in my opinion a moderated view of the ordinary Zimbabwean. To further illustrate this, take for example the the demonstrations at chatham house that included the Zimbabwe Human rights organisation a group I am affiliated with. The frustration felt by all Zimbabweans is epitomised by those demonstration and if it was not for the threat of deadly action by government ordinary Zimbabweans would protest regularly. As a member ZHRO I support Sikhala’s statements wholeheartedly

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